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How to brush efficiently to prevent early loss of teeth.

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Everything takes time. It only takes time to lose your teeth if you are not brushing well. This is not to scare you in anyway.

 So let’s see if you are brushing well. If you are, you will know and if you are not, oh well! The tooth fairy will be excited to have a fruitful harvest..…

First, note that your mouth has to be opened while brushing. Place your toothbrush at 45 degrees between your teeth and the gum (picture above). Then make a downward motion (like you are sweeping)

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Do this for the outer surface of the teeth in the upper jaw,then move on to the inner surface.
'sweep' the inner surfaces as well using same motion. 


You can do it this way as well.
Then you move on and brush the chewing surfaces.

For the teeth in the lower jaw, you will do the same thing.

Brush the chewing surfaces as well.

This is basically what toothbrushing entails. As you can see, its not hard.
Take your time to do it. If you spend less than two minutes in brushing, you haven't brushed well.

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Tuesday, 10 November 2015


 Imagine you scratching your body and it starts to bleed. Not kool right?
OK!  Blood is red!
Red is danger.

Bleeding while brushing is a common complaint. Let's clarify this, it is not normal for you to bleed while brushing; not at all.

If you bleed while brushing, one of the following is the reason:

1.      Trauma from toothbrush: Using toothbrush with hard-textured bristle is the main cause.

                                               This type of toothbrush injures the gum causing it to bleed.

                                                 YES! It’s that simple.


2.      Plaque and calculus accumulation: You wondering how? It’s like this

Calculus attaches to the teeth and causes inflammation (redness) of the gum. When a site is inflamed, even the slightest touch causes it to bleed. it over time affects the supporting teeth structures as well.



3.      Wrong tooth brushing technique: Over-zealous tooth brushing definitely injures the gum.

                                                             There is no gutter in the mouth, no need to scrub so hard.


4.      Gum bleeding associated with systemic changes: Vitamin C deficiency

    Some blood disorders


5.      Malignancy: Leukaemias (acute or chronic)


Other causes include: Prolong use of oral contraceptives



                                         Menstrual cycle

                                         More like hormonal changes.


These are the most common causes. No big medical names because I wouldn’t want to bore you.

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Sunday, 8 November 2015





Now that we know the causes of mouth odour,lets get rid of it. If you are just joining us, we have discussed the causes of mouth odour in the previous post.

In getting rid of this embarrassment,Identify the cause. This is the most important step in getting rid of it. Once you know the cause, the solution is easy.

Based on the causes in the the previous post, this is how to treat :


- During fasting, try and engage in conversations or simply sing. This will reduce the intensity of mouth odour. The air in the mouth will not be stale. - Following when you wake up in the morning, simply brush your teeth and tongue. -It is better to eat garlic and onions cooked than eating it raw. If eaten raw, brush your teeth after.


A) Plaque and calculus accumulation

         -visit your dentist for scaling and polishing of your teeth (cleaning). Toothbrush    
           alone cannot remove the dirt.

         -regular flossing.

         -use of mouthrinse following toothbrushing. Note that mouthrinse should              not replace tooth brushing.

B) Get rid of coated tongue by making conscious effort to clean your  tongue while  brushing


C) Hole in the teeth should be reviewed by the dentist in order to give it a definitive management. Do not poke the hole with toothpick, it will only get worse.

D) Mouth ulcer and abscess must be reviewed by the dentist for proper diagnosis and management.

E) Patient using prosthesis like dentures or patients on braces should ensure proper oral hygienes and follow all the instructions given to you by your dentist.


- Clean your teeth twice a day. In the morning and last thing at night

- Regular intake of water. Yes! water has something to do with the mouth.

- Floss regularly, we'll discuss the importance later in another post.

- Sugarless gums are good for the teeth. Feel free to chew.

- Smile always.

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Saturday, 31 October 2015



Medical terminology= Halitosis, Fetor Oris.                                                              

We all have at one time or the other had an encounter with someone with mouth odour {bad breath}. It's possible for you to even be the one with the mouth odour.

         Mouth odour can be rather embarrassing, with the emission of fowl sulphuric odour from the mouth. Such individuals could over time develop low self-esteem. 
Its no wonder alot of people indulge in gums,mouthsprays, mouthwashes,mints etc. These things only provide temporary solution by masking the odour if the cause of the mouth odour is not addressed.




·        Fasting

·        After waking in the morning

·        Not talking for a long period of time.

·        Food e.g onion and garlic


·        Plaque and calculus accumulation 


·         Coated tongue


·        Hole in the teeth with accumulation of food debris within the hole.

·        Mouth ulcer and abscess

·        Inflammation of surrounding organs in the mouth like esophagus, tonsils

·        Chronic conditions like diabetes mellitus, hepatic diseases


  AKA False or pseudo halitosis.

     The person assumes he/she has mouth odour even when no one else can perceive.

Now that you know most of the causes, you probably want to know how to get rid of this embarrassment. Join me in my next post as I tell you how. 

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Sunday, 25 October 2015


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